Zeros is available to read for free on this website, but you can buy it too!

**Print issue**

Zeros chapters 1 to 3 are available in a special A4 comic. Zeros issue 1 is 24 pages long and you can buy it from Martin for just £2 including postage. Just send the money on Paypal to, and Martin will send a copy out to you with a badge and a little post-it note sketch.


**Digital issues**

Zeros issues are also on sale digitally on Comixology and Amazon Kindle.

Issue 1 collects chapters 1 to 3 (same cover as above)

Issue 2 collects chapters 4 to 8:

Issue 3 collects chapters 9, 10 and four Zeros Short Stories (Josh, Rex, Lauren the Invisigirl and Yuki) (Note: Issue 3 is currently on Amazon Kindle but not on Comixology yet – it’ll be up there in a few weeks time):

**Other comics**

Martin’s other comics, Spandex and The O Men are also available digitally on Comixology and Amazon Kindle. These are for 18s & over/mature readers only.

Physical copies of The O Men (five books) and Spandex (eight issues) are also available from the websites for each series (Google them or just email Martin at if you get stuck).